Catch Me Styling started as a blog July 26 2017 I launched my website,  it was a special day because it was a milestone birthday for me. This was a creative outlet a way to share my love for style with the world. I started revamping my Instagram page to make everything cohesive and coordinated with my website the process was fun one I truly enjoyed. Creating content and finding pretty places to shoot and let me not forget searching Pinterest for aesthetics that would match my Instagram theme at the time. As time went on blogging didn’t take off for me the way I expected it was disappointing but that’s part of life. Working a full time job my time was limited to the weekends. One thing for sure is I am not a quitter even with the challenges I’ve experienced through blogging not taking off  the way i envisioned. I’m still standing and I’ve revamped some things. September 9th 2019 two years later  I’ve added an online store to the site featuring 3 T-shirt’s all centered around friendship and style. I’m a woman who values friendship and sisterhood  everyone needs a friend. In college I was a business/fashion major my love for fashion is nothing new. This current collection is a reflection of who I am, I have the Girl Talk and Cocktails shirt, Black Woman With Style and Grace and  my favorite Style like Joan attitude like Toni Girlfriends. I’ve wanted a T-shirt line for a while now and over the years I’ve been just sitting on the idea not knowing where to start eventually I told myself I’m going to do it and I did. These 3 shirts are a reflection of my personality and who I am. This is only the beginning of my journey and I’m excited to share it with my supporters. If you haven’t already order your shirt today sizes are small through 1X. I am still blogging if you’re wondering very top of my main page has an option that says blog, if you click on that it will take you to my blog site. Peace and love beautiful people stay tuned.