Intro to Catch Me Styling

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Catch Me Styling! I'm so delighted to share this creative space with you all, I'm really looking forward to interacting with each and every one of you. Today is a special day for me my birthday and yes that means I'm a lovely Leo, in addition today is the official launch of Catch Me Styling so it's a pretty amazing day for me. Catch Me Styling was created so that I could have a creative outlet, as adults we often get caught up in our day to day lives putting the things we're most passionate about on the back burner. This will be a place where people all over the world can come together and express ourselves discussing fashion food art and much more. Let's get to know each other on a first name basis lol. This a sacred space and a no judgment zone. I love all type of people so if you're in to the arts good quality food peace love happiness and of course style this is definitely the place to be .