It's so funny growing up  I was the child that hated to play outdoors now in my adult life it's the complete opposite I love being out in nature especially if I'm surrounded by pretty flowers and trees its like I’m an adult tapping into my inner childlike self. Sunflowers are my favorite next to roses not just because of how pretty they are but more so for what they symbolize. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity that sound a lot like a Leo woman. Playing dress up will be a forever thing for me, these pants made me feel so sassy. I find myself intrigued at how certain clothes can make us feel prettier, sexier, taller, slimmer thicker the saying if you look good you feel good holds so much truth and  of course how you feel internally is important, but you’d be surprised at how just getting dressed up can make you feel better. If you’re ever having a bad day take the time pamper yourself groom your hair put on something that makes you feel beautiful and watch your mood change.  Walk with your head high shoulders back and own your beauty ladies and lastly remember always dress in a way that’s flattering to your body.