What could possibly be more beautiful than the femininity of women, for some women its takes years and sometimes a lifetime to get comfortable in our skin. Luckily for me it hasn't taken a lifetime because each day I learn to love myself a little bit more imperfections included now that doesn't mean I'm not working toward having my best body and being my best self because as humans we owe it to ourselves to take care of our temple while we're here on earth. Today I celebrate the gift of life; I'm excited to embrace this new chapter because I feel myself changing growing and maturing for the better. Nature can be so calming and relaxing to our spirit if we allow it to be. You know what's so beautiful about nature it's real we live in such a fake microwaved society that realness has become a rarity. After taking these photos I have to be honest I was like umm my body doesn't look its best, my hair got wet from the water and was starting to puff one of the photos it looked as if their was an air balloon under my dress camera adds 10 pounds I had all type of thoughts. I stopped myself though and said no we're not doing that I have to be me and be proud of who I am and that means allowing people to see me unfiltered and unedited so here I am unapologetically myself. When I was out at this waterfall being one with nature I couldn't help but smile to know the birds chirping bugs flying water falling its nature it's real it's untouched and that's how I want my next chapter to be. As a woman I've dealt with my share of insecurities and I'm my worst critic but I'm letting go of the criticism and welcoming more love. I wanted to be out in the water for the calmness that it brings. I've spent many of birthdays parting clubbing popping bottles celebrating in the usual Leo manner, but not in this chapter I'm facing fears making progress going forward releasing what doesn't serve me any good. Now that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy a good turn up trust it's still there so don't ever hesitate on inviting me out. Internally I feel so excited because I know in this chapter the magic will happen or the glow up shall I say. I've learned that life is the greatest gift one can ever receive and I'm learning to make the most of it in this lifetime. Time doesn't come back around and theirs not always a second chance so in this moment live your highest life and be unapologetically yourself. Cheers to life cheers to the women that's taking on new journeys facing new fears and no life isn't always easy it gets challenging as hell sometimes but when you remain calm and focus on what you can control the journey becomes easier so cheers to chapter three I plan on making it just as good as I feel.