This life we live sometimes gets complicated stressful and overwhelming so with that said sometimes life requires you to get away. That's exactly what I did DR was everything I needed peaceful relaxing and pleasant on the eyes. We make time for what's important to us my sanity and peace is extremely important to me. If peace requires me to get on a plane and go I'm all for it, even though I try my best to create peace within my household some days we have to get away. This capitalist society can and will stress you the hell out if you allow but I encourage you to put your peace and sanity above all. When I'm in different environments surrounded by people who have a different cultural background than me I can't help but wonder what's it's like to be them and how does their day to day life function differently than mine. I find myself intrigued with other cultures not all let me clarify that but some. I mean I can only imagine how waking up to palm trees and beaches could just be more calming and soothing vs heading out and being faced with rush hour traffic first thing in the morning . Whether you work a 9-5 or you're an entrepreneur we all need time to regroup and refocus so that we can be our best selves. What is life if we aren't actually living at our highest; a life of all work and no fun is only a set up for depression. Fun can be something as simple as going to the park and just enjoying the fresh air or hopping on a plane flying to the closest beach near you. I dare you to try it I love the park because it’s a simple place that brings me a lot of joy, and it’s a reminder for me that life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. Just remember to take a break from the hustle of life and don’t forget to actually enjoy it because you owe it to yourself once we transition and leave this earth the bills the job none of that wont matter what will matter is how we spent our time here on earth live your best life.