It's here you know the time of year when the leaves start turning orange and red, everyone is attending homecoming games, it's even beginning to get dark outside earlier. Fall festivals and the fairs are happening, let me not forget the temp starts to drop a little depending on where you are and the ladies are pulling out those cute biker jackets and booties. Something about fall I just absolutely love, more so because the weather is nice it's not hot or cold it's literally perfect weather for fall fashion. It's still slightly warm where I am but at night you definitely could use a jacket so it's safe to say I was pushing it with this jacket and boot combination but who cares. I love mixing summer pieces with other seasonal pieces it's like getting the best of both worlds. Distressed denim shorts can be worn year round if you ask me, winter time you can pair your distressed shorts with cute tights and boots with a long sweater and scarf. I'm all about dressing for the season and that means even with my manicures I cut out my bright bold colors and start to get more dark greens and burgundy colors because I just feel weird with bright colored nails in fall and winter, I know it’s a bit extra but it’s me. I've began to update my fall wardrobe it's coming along pretty nice I must add. I'd love to hear what you all are planning for fall. I have an upcoming trip to New York next month which New York City has fall all over it I can’t wait to be in a place where it truly feels like fall and I get to admire the men and women’s street style. Have you guys began to fall shop, are you getting fall weather where you are? I’m patiently waiting for the temperature to drop just a little more where I am so I can really dress for this lovely season without crazy stares it’s coming sooner than later so in the meantime, I say cheers to fall dress stylish, be bold, be unique and most importantly be yourself let's make this fall the most stylish of them all.