Can we all agree Black is the ultimate sexiest color of clothing and not to mention it's really flattering to a woman's figure. I have a black section in the back of my closet it's my go to when I just can't seem to get it together, black is beautiful subtle yet bold black is everything. It's still really warm where I am inserts sad face literally 80 plus degree weather in the month of October. I'm not asking for cold weather but more so nice 60 degree jacket weather but apparently summer is still holding on. In due time the temperature will begin to drop and I'll be making blog post about how I can't wait for spring to get here crazy how that works right. As we transition to the cooler months I tend to wear darker colors I'm one of those people I shift with the seasons I feel a deep connection with nature I adjust accordingly. Ladies I encourage you pull out those black dresses for date night and black thigh boots it doesn't get any sexier than that and please if you don't have any black leather pieces in your wardrobe get some whether its black leather pants a leather skirt all women need a black leather piece in their closet for fall and winter. I am assuming we all have black biker jackets and if not I encourage you to go buy one immediately because a black biker jacket can do so much for your style. This fall let's save ourselves some stress before getting all worked up about not having anything to wear go to your favorite black piece and make it work for you, let's not forget you can never go wrong with black. ​