Guess what guys it officially feels like fall I was excited to wake up to a temperature of 50 degrees what a way to start the day, lets pull out the jackets and boots please. One of my main reasons for liking fall specifically is hats I love the many different styles of hats that can be worn for fall and winter. Depending on the type of hat you wear the right hat can really take your look up a notch. Sometimes our casual days are our better days,I tend to dress more comfortable when I'm running errands or going into a coffee shop to get some work done. Today I felt like doing a little more for my usual coffee shop work session and it turned into a full photo shoot how fun is that. This lieutenant hat is one of my favorites in the hat collection it's big bold and speaks confidence so please know you'll be seeing more of it. Even though fall started over a month ago I feel like it's official now we have the weather to match the season. While you're out shopping grab yourself some cute fun hats to add to your wardrobe they're perfect for bad hair days, keeping your head warm while it's cold out and hats are just all around dope statement pieces to add to your look.