Here it is the month of November deep into the fall season and I’m really enjoying the cooler weather  especially  fall fashion, thigh high boots, sweaters, jackets all of the above. I’ve been on the hunt for a good two to three months for a thigh high red boot and I finally found some talk about excitement nothing like finding what you want. Sade is a musical legend so this oversized sweater was a must have for me and not to mention its super comfy comfort and style is always a win. Winter is up next depending on where you are regionally  a lot of fall pieces in your fall wardrobe  can transition into the winter season of course additional layers may be needed to keep you warm. I completed my fall shopping a few months back so majority of my pieces will carry over into winter and I’ll add in a few must haves. I need a nice wool trench coat any suggestions on where I can find one please fill me in. Trench coats are timeless and classic those are my favorite type of pieces to have in my wardrobe, because they’re worth it. I do buy trendy pieces occasionally  but I try to keep trend pieces at a minimum they just aren’t worth a big investment. Overall I’ve been keeping myself busy in a good way, I’ll be bringing some updates to Catch Me Styling so be on the look out for what’s to come, I think you all will love the updates in addition I’m always open to suggestions and feedback good or bad as long as it’s delivered respectfully. This is a creative space for all of us to interact with one another, I want to make sure I’m giving  all of you the content you desire.