I felt real urban chic today out running errands and handling my business, I love pairing a baseball cap with a girly dress it adds a certain edginess to your look. I’d like to say my style is overall girly in addition I love mixing girly with casual to create a balanced look. In my world their are no rules to your personal style that’s what makes it your individual style finding what you love what looks nice on your body type and owning it. I’m a short curvy woman so typically I wear heels a lot I love dresses that are more fitted in the waist with a flare what would be considered a wrap dress. I think it’s extremely important for a woman to know what works well for her specific body type, wearing your actual size not too little or too big getting pieces that are overall flattering to your figure. I’ve added a lot of dresses to my wardrobe because as a woman you can never go wrong with a dress and dresses are so versatile. The dress I’m wearing can be worn to brunch,work,church and date night, I love pieces like that because lets be honest when you’re out you don’t always want to have to go home and change. I kept the look overall simple but stylish and I really like what the baseball cap did for my look the cap made it more playful which is always a win. Ladies get playful with your wardrobe try wearing a baseball cap with your dresses and see how you like it add in some hoop earrings for a around the way girl feel. Remember the most important thing is making sure your pieces are flattering to your body and wrinkle free you can’t loose with that don’t be afraid to just be creative go in stores and try on different items so you can learn what looks well on your body and send me pictures in your different looks I’d love to see what you all come up with.