December 21, 2017

As I prepare to close out the year transitioning into the next I'm just reflecting on 2017 what I accomplished and what I would like to accomplish in 2018. It has been an overall good year but I want next year to be a great year and it can happened because I have the power to make it happened that's a great lesson I've learned this year I hold the power to manifest what I see fit. I won't get too deep on you all but it's extremely important that we understand we have the power to make it happened. Free People always has the most comfortable dresses they're one of my favorite stores for various reasons, I've always loved bohemian style clothing because my style isn't just limited to one type. Here recently I put myself on a 30 day challenge to dress more feminine and that means more dresses and less jeans more heals and less sneakers not that it's anything wrong with jeans or sneakers I personally just wanted to get back to wearing dresses even on the days I'm out running errands. I wore red boots to take my look up a notch it can easily give off a little house on the prairie vibe with the wrong shoe, so I like what the red boot did for the overall look. It's officially winter luckily it's not too cold but dresses can still be worn in the winter season just layer with tights, boots, scarfs and a nice coat you cant beat warm and stylish. I have some really awesome things coming up in the near future stay tuned keep warm during the cold season and remember do your best to keep a positive mindset you hold the power. 









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