Gold is such a royal rich color, I find myself more drawn to gold jewelry in comparison to silver I love the way it looks on my skin. We all know we’re in the month of January middle of winter time which means it’s really cold, the colder it gets the less I care about style no I’m kidding this is definitely the season for layers. I’ve recently discovered velvet is really warm lately the struggle has been how to be warm and stylish while going out in 19 and 20 degree weather. I’ve purchased three velvet items this winter these pants included let me say these pants are  super comfy and not to mention I love high waisted pants. Women tend  to beg for fall season because we’re excited about fall fashion only to forget after fall comes winter and the low temperatures  then we’re all hollering how it needs to be spring already. I won’t complain anymore though in all honesty I enjoy living in a city where I’m able to experience all seasons because they all have a valuable meaning. Winter is hibernating season for some of the animals I like to think of it as they go away starting fall and they come back spring well rested ready to play as silly as that may sound that logic can be applied to real life. If you’re one that doesn’t like to get out in the colder months use that time indoors to work on a master plan summer bodies are made in the winter. It’s always something productive to do so be sure to use your snow days wisely so when spring rolls around you’re blossoming and flourishing like the flowers. I’m shifting my focus toward spring now starting to gather my list of spring essentials I’ll need working on some special projects to launch spring/summer spring is one of my favorite seasons but for now I’ll enjoy the last month and a half of winter we have left. The month of March it’s usually warming up I have some more winter looks to share with you all and as always I want to hear from my subscribers whether that’s via email or messaging me here on the actual blog site and remember stay warm stylish and productive ladies and gents.