It's Been A While

Hi loves I know the month of February I was completely absent from my usual blog post definitely my apologies, I had a lot going on in my personal and work life it was very important for me to take a moment for myself. I’m all about self love and doing what’s best for me as selfish as that may sound , believe me when I say the time I took was needed and I truly learned a lot as well as went through a lot but through it all I made it and I’m back better than before.. As humans we never want to go through trials and tribulations but that’s a part of life we have to not only face the trails but deal with them. I’ve been through some traumatic things in my life but its apart of who I am and it’s shaped me to be the woman I am I’ve learned to stop asking and wondering why did I have to go through this or why did that have to happened to me I just know it’s all for a reason and the most important thing is to take the lesson away. Happiness anger sadness is all part of life and I always encourage people deal with all of your emotions not just the good but the bad as well. Know that I am back smarter and wiser and I strive daily to be a better version of myself, let me say growing pains are real but in order to glow you have to grow. Peace love and blessings to all of you stay tuned for a new blog post tomorrow.