Here we are the month of MARCH spring is only a few weeks away yet it’s already starting to warm up Daylight Savings time is a week away, I’m so anxious for spring I absolutely love the warmer seasons don’t get me wrong fall and winter fashion is everything but I’d trade it for warmer days and day light lasting beyond 6pm. Something about spring just puts me in a amazing mood I look forward to pastel colors on my nails and toes pretty pink lipstick sun dresses it’s all so exciting I have so much to look forward to. I am slowly bringing out my spring fashion because technically it’s still winter but the weather says otherwise so I am not just completely in all out spring attire but I’m implementing my spring pieces slowly but surely. I love flared denim such a classic timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. I’m really into dramatic earrings right now they’re super fun and can take a casual look up a notch rather than the typical stud or hoop earrings. I love my shirt high value this should be everyones anthem moving forward be of high value not low medium or mediocre high. In my previous blog post I spoke briefly on my absence during the month of February, I really would like you alls feedback what would you like to see on Catch Me Styling. I have some really cool things in mind but I want to hear from you all in regards to content you would like to see. I’ve started my spring shopping and for the most part I like to stick to my classics and of course add in some fun and trendy pieces to add a good balance. I love pretty pastel colors for spring so soft yet bold, just know you all will see me in plenty of pastel this spring I’m searching now for sandals women love sandals during spring and summer. This weather brings lots of festivals and outdoor activities so what ever you have planned dress accordingly and as the new saying goes live your best life and be fabulous while doing so peace love and blessings to you all.