It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I say that in my Mr. Rogers voice, this weather has me smiling nice weather really brightens my day. I’m feeling fabulous in my polka dot dress I love a good vintage find. 

I recently decided that I am only buying dresses and skirts spring and summer season I am tapping into next level womanhood I must say it’s an amazing feeling becoming more comfortable in my skin. 

 As a woman I’ve dealt with my own insecurities for various reasons I’ve just decided that if I can’t change it embrace it. Let’s be honest in today’s society the pressure is on to be perfect and it’s nothing wrong with striving for perfection but don’t get lost in that. 

I laugh sometimes at all the things I hated about my body when I was younger  my hips my breast in today’s time women are going under the knife to achieve a hour glass figure something that that I was naturally blessed with. 

So all spring summer you will see me in dresses embracing all of my naturalness and I say that humbly, it’s just time for me to love and embrace myself now more  than ever.

I encourage women to embrace it or change it and by that I mean if you’re insecure about your weight do the work to loose or gain weight do what you need to do to be your best confident self. 

We’ve all heard the saying when you look good you feel good and its true looking good gives you a level of confidence. Dresses and heels make me feel sexy and womanly so I’m striving to wear them more and more. Confidence speaks before you say a word so find a way to deal with your insecurities allow your confidence to introduce you rather than your insecurities. 

I’ll let you all in on a secret majority of my life I’ve dealt with not being able to wear strapless pieces or thin straps because of my breast. So I told myself theirs no way I can go the rest of my life not wearing certain clothes because of my breast so I went out and bought 3 dresses all thin straps and I said I’m going to wear it own it and make it work for me. 

Nothing physically changed about my body but my mindset and my confidence level I felt beautiful and apart of me felt free not being restricted it was a growth moment. Now please know I’m aware their are some things I simply can’t wear and I’m ok with that I strive to look good and wear what’s flattering to my body type I understand everything isn’t for everybody.

Sexy doesn’t mean exposing every part of your body sexy is your confidence and how you carry yourself you can show little and be the sexiest woman in the room. Women I encourage you be confident sexy and be free its liberating don’t be restricted by your own insecurities find a way to make it work for you.