Am I the only one who gets excited about sunshine and tropical places? The weather is lovely and thats an understatement to say the least, I don't complain too much about the heat because during winter I was constantly saying I cant wait for summer to be here. Now it has arrived my skin is glowing and the sun is shining and I am loving it I look forward to tanning as we get deep into summer.

So far I’ve been sticking to my commitment of only buying dresses during warmer seasons for now it works not much of a challenge on a hot summer day if it’s not a bathing suit I’d rather be in a dress anything else is considered too much clothing for me.

I’m currently into mule heels paired with a dress pictured above this is a fun flirty day time look. I love a heel I can wear all day while remaining comfortable and mules are usually very comfortable. Its so cool how fashion repeats itself I recently told my mother she should of kept all of her mule heels and wrap dresses from the 90s, because here we are 20 years later and mules are definitely in for now.

I usually shop by the season and for me summer is usually an easy season to shop lots of cute dresses rompers and sandals. If I’m going out in the evening same thing applies dresses and sandals but of course I go for more of a dressier style of dress example slip dresses. I love slip dresses for a night on the town with a sexy strap sandal it’s very classy yet sexy.

When it comes to summer attire for the evening it’s all about the fabric certain fabrics give off a more casual look example cotton or denim if you’re going out at night and want to be more dressy stay away from those types of fabrics now daytime that’s perfectly fine, whatever you wear make it your own and if you’re uncomfortable in it do yourself a favor either take it off or go find some confidence to own your look!

Summer is just getting started so stay tuned to Catch Me Styling for more of my personal style, I’ll be shooting more dresses for a date type of a look for those who need ideas. I’d love to hear some of you alls style goals for summer we can get style inspiration from one another. In this life always remember give it your best and most importantly look your best you owe it to yourself.

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