I don’t know what has gotten into me but I’ve been feeling so sexy lately not to say I didn’t feel sexy before but it’s a little heightened and I’m not complaining because I’m all about women loving the skin they’re in and exuding confidence and self love.

It could have something to do with me only wearing dresses and skirts lately as outdated as that may sound. I try to stay balanced when dressing example if I’m wearing a dress that shows a lot of cleavage it needs to be longer or if my dress is really short like the one I’m wearing in this shoot less cleavage showing too much legs and cleavage can give a real classless look and we don’t want that well I don’t want that.

Some women do dress extremely sexy and guess what that’s their business and to the sisters that rock belly shirts and daisy dukes I say go girl especially if she’s put in the work to have a body that’s fitting for that style of clothing or if she’s just naturally fine, I do my best not to shade my sisters because of outer appearance whether they are over dressed or under dressed I understand we all have a story behind how we choose to present ourselves and a lot of times its unknowingly.

I’m in my favorite mules these are so comfortable I’m in awe every time I have them on all day like wow my feet aren’t hurting a girl like me can appreciate a comfortable stylish heel.

I love mini dresses now I’m only five feet so if you’re short like me and want to try a mini dress please wear it with heels otherwise it just looks childish.

On another note I am currently working on a new tab for the blog called girl talk it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but a recent group chat I had with some friends over this past weekend really sparked me to just go ahead and make it happen sooner than later.

I have a lot to say as it relates to the struggles that women of color face on a daily bases and certain things are passed down through generations of women. I look forward to opening myself up with you all in this way, I’m so passionate about the girl talk section I’ll be adding I ask that you all interact here with me because I want to hear other women stories struggles and what you all have overcome on your personal journey.

As always live your best and give your best when life get’s challenging it’s always ok to take a moment and get yourself together I don’t believe in the hype of being a tough girl not having emotions it’s corny and unrealistic humans have feelings and emotions never run from how you feel deal with it the best way possible stay stylish babes.