It’s a lovely summer day and I feel amazingly good, often times we shy away from complimenting ourselves why is that? I’m learning it’s ok to speak highly of myself out loud and if someone is offended off of my self love that’s not my problem.

I’ve witnessed men and women speaking good about themselves and I've seen it oddly bother certain people for a person to speak of themselves with so much love and confidence. To give an example one may say my body is looking good and a persons response is oh my god he or she thinks they’re all that.

We gotta stop and start to reprogram our way of thinking another man or woman speaking well of themselves should never offend you or make you uncomfortable and if it does you gotta look within and ask yourself why. So again I say I feel good and before leaving my house I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked just as good as I felt we’ve all heard the saying when you look good you feel good and that statement couldn’t be any truer. Ultimately the self love starts within and then it begins to show on the outside.

I’m very shy but I use my clothes as a distraction and by that I mean often times if I’m going somewhere alone or if I know I’ll have to speak in front of an audience or a crowd I tell myself let me at least look nice because people see you before they hear you if I present myself dressed nicely I’ve already won half the battle. Bold colors are a favorite of mine I especially love how they look on my skin tone, it’s so funny I didn’t intend on wearing this skirt and shirt together but last minute I tried both pieces on and loved how the colors complimented one another, I played it safe with the shoe the shirt and skirt are bold enough so a gold sandal added the needed balance.

You all know I love looks that can carry me throughout my day this is a very causal fun look but I can go to brunch run my errands a possible date night look depending on the destination. I sometimes like to be a little more sexy in a tasteful way for date night but this could still go for date night. I love my A-line skirt very timeless and classic, an A-line skirt is something most women should consider owning and I say that because it’s one of those pieces that looks good on just about every body type the important thing is to make sure you buy your right size. I’m big on buying pieces that I can wear multiples times in different ways so in other words I’ll be wearing this skirt again we all do it no shame here.

I’ve been wearing my dresses and skirts religiously since it warmed up and I’ve been going braless and smiling more. I’ve spent many years of my life insecure of my gap I’ve also had braces more than once, fighting through your insecurities is not always an easy thing to do but I am doing it and thats not to say I won’t revisit the process of closing my gap in the mean time it’s here and I’m smiling lately my focus is to really get away from what society says is beautiful and creating my own narrative.

I am a woman of color a woman with curves a woman who’s hair is natural a woman with a gap in between her teeth and everything I described could possibly be deemed as unattractive according to society, but in my world I make my own rules and march to my personal beat and thats what makes self love so beautiful it’s you loving self. As always lovelies stay pretty nice and wear a smile and remember when you look good you feel good peace.