What’s summer without a good pair of vintage daisy dukes? One of my favorite things about summer it doesn’t take much to look stylish. Its warm out so you can wear things like cute dresses and sandals, shorts and a graphic t-shirt it’s all in how you style it. You can have two women wearing the exact same thing and the outcome is different. I have to admit shorts haven’t always been my favorite. In addition as you all know by now I am going against all insecurities that I’ve created in my mind. I didn’t wear shorts for a good part of my life because I hated my thighs.

I’ve come to the realization I’m missing out on some really dope pieces by limiting myself. I got into wearing shorts within the last two years. I’ll only wear them with a pair of stilettos to make my legs look longer, theirs a way around everything without heels I won’t wear shorts... As a woman I am always being overly critical of myself and doing my best to make sure that I am dressing in a way that’s flattering to my body type. I’m a believer in just cause it comes in your size don’t mean you should wear it. I ask myself 3 questions when I feel self conscious about what I am wearing. Do I look trashy are my clothes too little and lastly what is making me insecure about what I’m wearing? My motto is if what you’re wearing is making you insecure than take it off and put on something that makes you feel more confident. I can tell when a woman is wearing something she’s not fully comfortable in.

Growing up girlfriends was one of my favorite television shows for many of reasons, but more so the fashion. The character Joan played by Tracee Ellis Ross was my favorite. Tracee is definitely a style icon for me; I would love to play dress up in her closet for a day. When I came across this shirt online it was a must have Girlfriends influenced me a lot as a teenager. I always watched with such admiration for their style careers and friendship.

Denim and white is such a classic combo, a good quality pair of denim shorts can take you far. Theirs so much one can do so with denim shorts I mentioned only liking to wear shorts with heels, but for the girls that are into sneakers shorts are really cute paired with sneakers and it can still look very stylish and adult like. You’ll definitely be seeing more shorts from me throughout the summer my favorite type are the high waist cut offs.

July is my birthday month Leo season is approaching quickly, so I’m excited I’ll be going to Mexico to celebrate another year of life here on earth. I’m definitely looking forward to my birthday trip, I believe everyday of life is special but the day you were born is even more special so it should be celebrated. Peace and love to all of you be your authentic self in everything you do stay stylish.