I think I speak for most women when I say meshing style and comfort together is a double win. When I’m out running errands the goal is to be comfortable so that I’m able to move freely. The way I choose to present myself each day is apart of how I’m feeling in the moment. Fashion is a reflection of my personality, and It’s important that I have fun with my style and most importantly not to box myself in.

I’ve been pushing past my comfort zone when it comes to my style lately just to switch things up change is good and sometimes needed. I love staple transitional pieces a white button up blouse and army fatigues pants both are what I consider to be staple pieces, that can take your wardrobe far. I choose to wear sneakers with the look pictured, but a red heel would have added a different spin and that’s what I mean when I say transitional pieces the items in your closet that can be worn multiple ways through all seasons.

Women if you don’t have a white button up please get one, they’re easy to find and affordable. I can understand army fatigue pants may be a stretch for some and that’s cool but if you’re risky enough to wear them go for it. You can style them many ways and not to mention they’re the type of pants that look good on all body types as long as you’re buying your size.

I would describe this look as fun creative and stylish. As much as I love my heels it feels good to give my feet a rest and wear sneakers for a change. Let me not forget about this fabulous hat If you know me then you know I love hats for the fall season, safe to say this is my new favorite hat I’m in love with the structure and style. I definitely plan to get tons of wear out of it this fall.