Something about a woman being fully dressed but having the ability to give off sex appeal that I love. People tend to associate the term sexy with lingerie or skimpy clothes. I personally think sexiness is in your confidence the way you walk talk how you feel about yourself. Sex appeal doesn’t have a shape or size it’s more so your energy and vibe. What do you exude when you enter a room?

You can be fully dressed and be the sexiest woman around whether you have on jeans and a turtleneck or a nice fitted dress. We’ve all heard the saying clothes don’t make the woman, it’s the woman who makes the clothes. Needless to say these jeans had me feeling all types of sexy from the fit and style to the way they hugged my curves. Every woman needs a good pair of quality jeans in her closet a pair of good jeans can take you far. The fit and cut of your jeans is what makes them and of course quality, when it comes to denim pieces quality over quantity is my motto.

I decided to pair these jeans with a blouse and red boots to give the look a little more edginess sometimes I like to be a little risky when getting dressed. Fashion is fun and one of the many ways I choose to show how I’m feeling.  I’m definitely satisfied with the way my look came together. As you all should know by now I’m an advocate for women feeling and looking good from the inside out. Clothes are an expression and reflection of how we feel with that said wear clothes that enhance your confidence and make you feel awesome about yourself.

The right outfit can make you glow and change your mood when you look good you feel good, everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself I’m beautiful hug yourself and put on something that will reflect that you’re beautiful watch your self esteem elevate. I’ve noticed a confidence booster within myself by simply accepting who I am changing what I can change and not putting too much focus on the insecurities. Life is a journey our bodies change and our weight may fluctuate but the key is remembering you’re beautiful throughout all stages of the journey and controlling the controllable.