Happy Monday good people I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s the beginning of December and today feels like spring. I love winter fashion but when nature decides to bless us with some warm weather I’ll take it.

If you can’t tell I was going for a 70’s inspired look today the 70’s is one of my favorite eras in fashion, for many reasons it seems as though everything looked good in the 70’s black people had a sense of pride and culture during that era that I love and respect.

Fashion in the 70’s covered many genres and styles that are still influenceable in today’s time. The natural hair movement, dashikis, big hoop earrings, bell bottoms,the hippie style, glam rock, disco and bohemian everyone was just fly.

My entire look pictured is from Free People one of my go to stores they have mastered the art of comfort and style calling it boho chic. I’ve had my sweater for a while I got it from Nordstrom’s back in 2012 what I call a timeless piece, I think it’s safe to say I definitely got my money’s worth.

I’ve been seeing tons of tortoiseshell earrings lately maybe I missed the memo that they were currently in trend, I love the ones I’m wearing they complimented my look very well.

I’m going to continue to soak up this nice weather as long as it lasts.You all have a great week ahead dress your best and always give life your absolute best stay stylish my loves.