All black will always be a favorite of mine black is timeless, sexy, chic, classic and most of all flattering to a woman’s figure. Black is usually my go to when I start to over think what I should wear, it’s like the little light bulb in my head comes on and says no need to stress put on all black and own it, works every time.

Black makes me feel sexy it’s flattering to my curves and just makes a look complete. I'll list some key essential black pieces most women should have  in their closet black pumps, black trench coat, black dress, black clutch purse, and  black boots. Those are all pieces that work great for last minute events that may come up. 

  I love a classic beret hat it gives a really chic Parisian feel to your style. I personally feel every girl should have one. Black is perfect for the girl who struggles with styling herself. Key things to remember when styling yourself always wear your size whether that’s a extra small or extra large if you feel insecure in what you’re wearing take it off, people can sense when you're uncomfortable in your clothes.

Having a good seamstress is a must as women our clothes don't always fit us properly some items needs to be taken in or hemmed, get to know a seamstress in your area the fit is everything not the cost of your clothes but a good fit will take you far. Less is more don’t over do it when it comes accessorizing don’t do to much mixing and matching keep your look clean and simple with those key pointers you’ll win.

 Always remember the clothes don't make the woman the woman makes the clothes and it’s not what you wear but how you wear it style is free and effortless.