Happy Monday good people as we all know its winter time but it feels like a nice fall day where I am perfect jacket weather. I’m enjoying the slight warmer weather currently this winter has been very mild no snow or ice as of yet and it hasn’t really got too cold.

This weather definitely allows for me to wear a lot of my fall clothes and I'm all for transitioning my pieces throughout the seasons. Denim on denim has always been a favorite of mine; I consider it timeless I can recall being in elementary school wearing denim on denim.

We all need a denim jacket in our closet their classic and never really go bout of style double win. This is a vintage gap jacket that I found at my local thrift store I love finding rare dope items. I hardly wear it but it’s one of my favorite denim jackets that I’ve owned the cut and style is very 80s.

I tend to easily get bored with my wardrobe and to prevent myself from just buying things just because I normally pull from the clothes I don’t wear often and see what I come up with and that’s what’s inspired this look.

I was feeling edgy and wanted to put on a pair of heel and pull my hair back but still keep the look simple jeans and heels is always a win as long as it's the right heel. Skinny high waist jeans are a must too they look good on and most of all are flattering to the body.

. Wearing pieces that make me feel good about myself is really important for me anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or insecure I won’t wear. I’m all about looking good and most importantly feeling good from the inside out. Stay lovely and stylish guy’s peace.