Happy Monday beautiful people spring has sprung the warmer weather and extended daylight has definitely been a mood shifter for me. I consider spring time to be the official New Year the flowers are starting to blossom and the trees are beginning to grow the back.

Spring fashion is super colorful and fun no matter what age colors aren’t limited to children only. My favorite color pallet for spring are the pastel colors your lavenders baby pinks baby blue the cream color more so off white, if you zoom in a little you can see the pastel lavender on my nails. I like to match my nail color according to the seasons.

This weather is a reflection of new beginnings and positive change. Denim is definitely in this spring which if you ask me denim is timeless and always in style no matter what season lol. I’ve started my spring shopping as you all should know by now I try to purchase more timeless pieces as opposed to overly trendy items. I’ll do a few trendy pieces but not too many because I look at it as money wasted when too much of your wardrobe is trendy.

The denim dress currently pictured is a fun flirty look I love that it can be worn many ways with a pair of flat sandals or some cute sneakers like a pair of Yeezy’s to give an edgy feel. I chose to wear these platform sandals for a 70s type of vibe which is one of my favorite eras in fashion.

Lets take advantage of this beautiful season be bold beautiful and everything that you do in life cheers to pretty pastel colors and lovely sun dresses until next time.