Good evening a new week another chance and opportunity to be great. I’m feeling rather cheerful in my colorful thrifted blouse today.

I find myself complaining about the quality of clothes these days so I’ve decided to start shopping with some entrepreneurs who specialize in vintage items. The quality of clothes seemed to be better eras ago now everything is mass produced and cheaply made.

This is one of my vintage finds and I love it I get a thrill out of remaking vintage pieces to look more modern. It forces me to be creative I’ve recently purchased a ton of vintage items for spring so I am looking forward to playing dress up with my new pieces and giving them more of a modern feel.

This look is 70's inspired of course my favorite era in fashion and it’s what I consider to be a transitional outfit. One that can carry me throughout the day my blouse is dressy enough for a dinner date and the jeans are casual so it gives a good balance of dressy but casual and of course heels make everything better wearing bell bottom jeans without heels should be a crime.

I adore spring weather and fashion for many reasons but my favorite is the feel and vibe the season brings. I love the extended daylight all of the festivals that go on throughout spring everyone just seem to be so happy crazy how big of an impact the weather has on us .

I’d love to hear from you all in regards to content you’d like to see or topics you’d like for me to discuss as always ladies and gentlemen peace and love stay stylish.