Summer loading

Happy Monday beautiful people sun dress season is in full effect and I love it. Dresses are my usual go to during spring nothing new. This one in particular is from last year I love finding old pieces in my closet that I forgot about.

Today I’m spending some much needed time in nature enjoying the sunshine and breeze, I try to make a habit of getting outside for fresh air it’s really important to me that I literally make time to stop and smell the roses.

I find that nature brings me a certain calmness that I strive to keep. I am excited for what spring and summer will bring I’m a summer baby so July I’ll be celebrating another year around the sun.

Remember as a child how much we would look forward to summer and being out of school for the two months that went by so fast and felt very brief. I still feel that energy and excitement that I felt as a kid when summer is near.

I’m getting my summer wardrobe together and it’s coming along nicely I love all the bright neon colors I see. I’m on the hunt for cute sandals I did a big closet clean out and I need to replace a lot of items starting with shoes. Cute sandals are a must have for spring and summer they’re perfect with sun dresses.

I’d definitely love to hear from you all what are your summer travel plans and go to style? I’m definitely planning on going to a beach this summer Atlanta needs a real beach bad. Peace and love beautiful people stay calm nice and stylish.