T-Shirt launch

Happy Monday beautiful people for those who don’t know September 9th I launched a t-shirt line featuring 3 shirts the theme is centered around sisterhood and style. I believe everyone needs a friend we can’t go through this journey of life without at least one good friend. I’ve made it my business to make a conscious effort to build genuine quality friendships. I’m still building my tribe of women I don’t believe in the narrative of women not being able to get along or coexist. As a black woman we need each other and who gets us better than us literally, and that’s not to say that I limit my friends only to those that look like me because I don’t. I do make a conscious effort to build with other black women because sometimes the media in todays time portrays us in a negative light .

I’ll give a brief explanation of how each one of my shirts came about. Girl Talk and Cocktails I love getting together with my girlfriends going to have lunch or dinner catching up over a good martini. The laughs and giggles exchanging stories it’s good for my soul and overall well being. Not to mention sometimes women just need to vent cry laugh thats a form of therapy if you think about it.I feel as though thats something that most women can relate to. The show Girlfriends was classic if you ask me. Joan Clayton's character resonated with me so much she had the big hair the hips and booty let’s not forget the infamous red clutch, you have to be a real Girlfriends fan to even know what I’m talking about. Toni was just the absolute bomb she was beautiful stylish sassy and all about her coin, I adored her and Joan's friendship no they weren’t perfect but they were like a dynamic duo.The television show Girlfriends was the inspiration for the girlfriends shirt. Black woman with style and grace I love seeing a black woman that looks well put together. I grew up watching shows like the Cosby’s Fresh Prince of Belair Claire Huxtable was beautiful and beyond put together even seeing pics of her before the Cosby show she’s beautiful classy she embodies a black woman with style and grace. We all remember Aunt Viv the original not the replacement let me make that very clear Aunt Viv was everything no other way to say it she was it. The inspiration for Black Woman With Style and Grace was the classy black women I grew up admiring whether it be television or real life.

There you have it a brief break down of how my three shirts came to life. Let me not forget to thank those who purchased a shirt I appreciate you all so much it means a lot to me. For those who haven't yet my menu tab has a shop with me option that allows you to order a shirt the sizes are small through 1X I currently have free shipping so grab your shirt while you can. Stay tuned I have some great things coming soon. Peace and love if you’re not subscribed to my blog and store which are both connected please do so to stay up to date.