Always a lady

Good evening and happy Thursday to you all, I hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far and if not the weekend is near. I've been doing a ton of thrifting lately; hence the cheetah print dress, that I'm wearing. It seems as though a lot of the clothes today look alike everything is stretchy cheap and colorful their is no originality and I find that to be extremely annoying when trying to shop.

Don't get me wrong there are still a few stores left with nice classic pieces but trendy seems to be dominating right now. Sometimes I do like to purchase a few trendy piece but I've never wanted my wardrobe dominated by a bunch of trendy items. When shopping I love classic pieces that can be worn many ways for different occasions. I choose to pair this cheetah print dress with red thigh boots because cheetah and red is a classic combo, the boots give a very sexy touch.

This is a dress that could be worn to work with the buttons buttoned all the way up of course date night brunch you name it. Depending on your personal style you could rock this with sneakers flat boots which ever you prefer. It's a very versatile piece and it's not too trendy. Wylde Vintage store here in Atlanta is where I've been getting a lot of my pieces from they're classic great quality and at a price you can't beat.

If you haven't already definitely check out my online store I have earrings necklaces and t-shirts listed for sale. Top of the page if you click the menu option and then shop with me it will route you over to the online store. Peace and love lets all end the week on a positive note.