Good evening and happy Tuesday as everyone knows we are close to the “holiday season”. The purpose of this blog post is to bring awareness to seasonal depression. I’ve spoken to a few different people just in casual conversations who’ve explained they suffer with seasonal depression. The colder weather can cause a severe shift in our day to day mood ,in addition everyone isn’t fortunate to be surrounded with friends and family during the holidays. Lets all be mindful to love on those you care about a little tighter this time of year. For me personally after 12 years old in my household we stopped celebrating holidays for religious reasons. Now being an adult I still don’t celebrate holidays I’m no longer religious I still choose not to partake in holidays that don’t have true value to me. I do enjoy the fellowship with friends and loved ones but I don’t wait for a holiday to enjoy the ones I love and care about.

Be sure to check on your friends and loved ones who live out of state with no family around. I’ve lived outside of my home town for 12 years now and all though I go and visit my family often I’ve spent numerous of holidays away from loved ones. Were all affected by things differently I try to be mindful of that especially during this this time of year. Peace and love to all of you and if you are experiencing any type of sadness depression or loneliness reach out to friends and family because sometimes we need to be loved on it’s good for us. Follow me on all social media platforms @ catch me styling the shirt that I’m wearing is from my line it’s listed on the site for sale. If you’re on a cell phone top right corer tap the menu option and then shop with me if you’re on a desktop/laptop top left corner click the shop with me option.