Greetings happy Thursday, checking in with you all I hope everyone is having a positive productive week. I just wanted to touch bases and spread some positive vibes and of course some outfit inspiration. Here lately I’ve been extremely focused on my new online store learning new ways to market and brand my business.

Check out my store to see some of the items I have for sale, the store is connected to the blog top right corner click the menu option and then select the shop with me tab. If your'e on a desktop computer top left of the page you'll see an option that says shop with me. We are in fourth quarter my goal is to close out 2019 with a bang. I’ve committed myself to being more consistent with my content so please hold me accountable, we all need a accountability partner.

I’ve been pre planning my photo shoots thats works best for me i’ll be sticking to that for now. If you didn’t notice the site did get a makeover. For those who don’t know I love hats during fall and winter season hoop earrings dark lipstick and I am good to go. My blouse is thrifted from Wylde Vintage store here in Atlanta I shared in my previous blog post that I’ve been doing a lot of thrifting lately.

These are vintage Levi jeans that I distressed myself simply cutting the jeans with a blade washing them and the dryer creates an even more distressed look. This was a casual comfortable fun look, I love being comfortable and cute double win my platinum boots added the needed finish to this look. My fall wardrobe has come together nicely I may grab some more pieces if I see anything I just absolutely have to have. What are some of your must haves for fall, for me I need boots a variety of hats and colored fitted turtle necks. Classic pieces are a must have for me it creates a more diverse wardrobe that you can play around with.

If any of you have style questions feel free to email me on the site I do have a chat option that allows you to connect with me. Peace and love I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and If you’re not following me on Instagram you can do so at CatchMeStyling and like my Facebook page Catch Me Styling.